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Main Office
+49 (0) 2331 910 68-0


Managing director:
Peter Plobst
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Application engineering / QW:
Katrin Wiebelhaus
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Bettina Westig
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Technique / Purchasing:
Andreas Rinke
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HDL-band is a product customized and tailor made to meet customers' needs, when it comes specifically to the dimensional tolerances and mechanical properties, the flatness and especially in the surface appearance. 
It's no coincodence that our products are used for high-precision parts and electrical engineering.
In the construction industry our prime areas of work are window technology and flexible tubes. 
In the furniture industry our bright-galvanized HDL-band ensures precision and smooth running when it comes to drawer rails. 
Furthermore there are plenty of complex applications for which customers need corrosion protection in the precision parts.